Case Studies in the Environment
A journal of peer reviewed environmental case studies

Author Information

Case Studies in the Environment, a journal of peer-reviewed environmental case study articles with slides and teaching notes, articles on case study pedagogy, and a preprint server for editor-reviewed case study slides.

Author Information

Please take a moment to consult the Author Information guidelines below in preparation of your manuscript, and feel free to contact us with questions. Also find sample cases below for inspiration. Manuscripts that do not adhere to the instructions may be returned to the corresponding author.

Some Word templates are available purely for your convenience, but it is not mandatory that you use them:


Prize competition

Case Studies in the Environment is inviting high-quality case studies for a new contest. One $2,000 prize for the best environmental case study and two $500 honorable mention prizes. Read more

Why Publish in Case Studies in the Environment?

  • Extend your geographic and educational impact. Whether you are a researcher or graduate student expected to maximize the educational impact of your research, a professional or an educationally focused adjunct instructor with fewer opportunities to publish research, writing case studies on your research, practical work, or teaching extends the recognized impact of what you do.
  • Improve your case with our peer review. We help make your case the best it can be.
  • Sustainable reach. As an extension of one of the largest public universities in the world, UC Press provides non-profit library subscription models developed with input from librarians, and free access to Case Studies in the Environment in developing countries.

What does a case read like?

Your case study can be written in a number of ways. For guidance, try to follow our directions in the Author Information. Here are some  early examples of what a manuscript might look like. We will add more and different examples in the near future.


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Do you have questions before or during your manuscript submission? Get in touch with Liba Hladik, our friendly Managing Editor, to work it out.