Projected change in traffic fatalities and resulting economic costs (upper estimates).

MY 2012MY 2013MY 2014MY 2015MY 2016
Estimated change in total fatalities over the fleet lifetime
Passenger cars111757100134
Light trucks−2−3−31−77−112
Economic costs (US$2007 millions)
Passenger cars$126$193$658$1,167$1,557
Light trucks−$19−$29−$344−$859−$1,259

Note: Costs are monetized at DOT’s estimated cost per life of $6.1 million ($5.8 million for the value of a statistical life plus associated external medical, insurance, and legal costs). This is multiplied by 2.3, to include injury costs, and discounted at 3%.

Source: Final Regulatory Impact Analysis: Corporate Average Fuel Economy for MY 2012-MY 2016 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks, 547-551.